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Hilary Montgomery


MACBETH                                                             Supporting                     Angus Macfayden, The Ego Has Landed

LINCOLN                                                               Principal                         Steven Spielberg, Dreamworks

KILLING LINCOLN                                                  Featured                         Adrian Moat, Scott Free Productions

GAME CHANGE                                                      Featured                         Jay Roach, HBO Films

ELLIE                                                                    Lead                              Bill Cloughly, Smelly Cat Productions

ART HOUSE                                                           Supporting                     Hsien Lee, New Muse Films

SLEEP TO DREAM                                                   Supporting                     Alonzo Crawford, Moving Image Xchange

CURTAINS                                                             Supporting                      Lewis Fraga, Iconograph

GROUND IN THE DIRT                                            Supporting                      Rinny Wilson, Master Tapes

THE CITY                                                              Supporting                      VCU Arts Cinema 

PROMISE                                                              Lead                                VCU Arts Cinema

RECEIVER                                                             Lead                                VCU Arts Cinema 


LEGENDS & LIES, Ep. 206 "Espionage War"              Guest Star                     Kevin Hershberger, LionHeart FilmWorks

YOUNG AMERICANS (pilot)                                     Regular                         John Black, The Apothecary Studios

A HAUNTING, Ep. 78 "Ghosts of War"                       Co-star                          David Haycox, New Dominion Pictures    



List of Commercials provided upon request

Music Video

TIM MCGRAW 2011 TOUR                                       Lead                                 Fenton Williams, Filament Productions

“When the Stars Go Blue” 


ELIZABETH REX                                                    Mary Stanley                      Richmond Shakespeare: James Bond

THE ILLUSION                                                       Elicia/Lyse/Clarina               Shafer Alliance Laboratory Theatre

CHICAGO                                                              Annie/Hunyak/Mona u/s       VCU Main Stage

SUDENT VOICES                                                    Hilary                                Raymond Hodges Theatre

CABARET                                                              Kit Kat Klub Girl                  VCU Main Stage

DRACULA                                                              Vixen                                 VCU Main Stage

SHAKESPEARE AND LOVE                                       Juliet                                 Waterside Theatre: Jane McCulloch

THE LOST COLONY                                                Mrs. Manteo                        Waterside Theatre: Jane McCulloch 


CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF                                       Maggie                               Shafer St. Playhouse

ROMEO AND JULIET                                               Mercutio                             Shafer St. Playhouse 

Training and Education


Actor’s Connection, NY: Eve Battaglia, Jandiz Estrada, Allison Estrin, Maria Higgins, Erica Jensen, Tony Nation, Lisa Rubenstein, Barry Shapiro,

Actor's Connection, LA: Lauren Bass, Perry Bullington, Scott David, Sheila DiMarco, Geralyn Flood, Ryan Glasgow, Sherie Hernandez, Craig Holzberg, Sara Isaacson, Bob Lambert, Kelli Lerner, Matthew Lessall, Lisa Pantone, Linda Phillips-Palo, Colleen Schlegel, Dallas Travers

Hollywood Theatre Lab: Erica Arvold, Kristen Danas, Jon Emm, Lana Young

The Art of Acting: Andre De Shields

Virginia All-State Chorus: 2 years; Soprano I & II 

Special Skills

Stand-in, Singing (Mezzo soprano); Horseback riding (Western: expert, English: intermediate); Dialects (Brooklyn, Irish, RP, and Southern); Stage combat (Unarmed, and Rapier and Dagger); Dancing; Firearms (Proficient in most handguns and shotguns); Drive a manual car; Valid passport; Licensed driver with car; Can raise one eyebrow; Can lick my elbow